Mathematics Science Partnership Evaluation

Year 2 Report Released (October 2012)

Year 1 Report Released (October 2011)
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Local evaluation
  • Purpose: required by the state assesses whether the project is meeting desired goals and having the desired impact
  • Evaluation Team: The local evaluation team is comprised of Diane Schilder and Meghan Broadstone of EAS, Inc. The team has evaluated other Mathematics and Science Partnership projects and has reported significant improvements in teachers’ content knowledge, increases in the percentage of teachers who receive licensure, and some evidence of changes in classroom practice and student outcomes.
  • Methods: End of course surveys, end of workshop surveys, in class observations of lesson implementation, student knowledge assessments comprised of items from previous MCAS tests and teacher constructed items. The evaluation team will work with teachers to co-construct the assessments.
    • All data collection is designed to assess the project and not individual teachers
    • All data are confidential. We will not share individual data with anyone and will only report summary data that is stripped of any identifying information in our reports.

State evaluation
  • Purpose: To examine the overall impact of Mathematics and Science Partnership funding throughout the state of Massachusetts.
  • Evaluation Team: UMass Donahue Institute.
  • Methods: End of course surveys with anonymous identifiers.
    • State evaluation is completely anonymous
    • Unique identifiers are designed to track participants over time.
Important Administrative Points
  • The state will only give funds for participants who have completed the surveys. Completion in the program is voluntary but we ask that everyone complete the forms in order to receive stipends.
  • Web-based end of course surveys will be emailed to participants and the survey link will be posted to the Wiki

Baseline Physics evaluation survey results (January 2011)

Baseline Biology evaluation survey results (June 30, 2011)

Student survey data (June 30, 2011)

Call back Powerpoint (September 19, 2011)

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