Advisory Board

Molly Laden, Tritec Director, provides an overview the Science Learning Community project.

If you are interested in our science project and its outcomes you've found the right place.

The Advisory Board composed of district curriculum directors, UMASS-Boston faculty and staff, the TRITEC project team, and grant evaluators periodically meet to review the project's goal and discuss evaluation results. The meeting's slides are available in a slideshow format below. There is an extensive set of teacher evaluation data presented in graphs and comment form. In the Lesson Bazaar video, you will hear from three biology teachers who learned how to integrate today's web resources into online lessons.

December 13, 2011 • TRITEC

Partnership members meet to review the results of our first year.

Cathleen Randall, Everett Teacher Learning Center Director, discusses the benefits of online learning.

Slideshow Presentation with Audio Introduction

Lesson Bazaar - Science teachers share Web 2.0 instructional strategies

Movie length 3:10

If you are interested in the full evaluation report submitted to the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), please visit the Evaluation page.