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Earth Science

Global Climate Change -- Vital Signs of the Planet
has video, interactives, its own toolbar with data feed, moisture map, earth wallpaper, Educators page, and more

3M Science of Everyday Life --
Teachers > Videos & Interactives > Grades 3-5
Weather Pattern Interactive (grades 3-5)

Weather Patterns | Interactive

Considers such weather features as air temperature, clouds, fronts, and thunderstorms.

Scholastic online
Talking Science: Global Climate Change

NOAA -- National Ocean Service
Activities -- Grades 3-5

Earth Science Picture of the Day

EPOD - a service of USRA
  • Archive - Lembert Dome, Yosemite National Park Today 12:01 am
    Each Sunday we present a notable item from our archives. This EPOD was originally published July 19, 2012. Photographer: Nel Graham Summary Author: Nel Graham The photo above shows Lembert Dome in Tuolumne Meadows, Yosemite National Park, Californ...

PBSKids DragonFly TV
"Forecasting" video: in English, in Spanish

Exploring Earth
Houghton Mifflin textbook
has Visualizations and Data Centers

Earth, the Operator's Manual
PBS series; website has RSS feed and Twitter feed, and resource downloads

blog feeds

US Global Change Research Program
video: Climate Change Wildlife and Wetlands

Capturing Carbon Interactive

Virtual Museum of Minerals and Molecules
interactive images of minerals and molecules

USA TODAY--Understanding Storms and Fronts
description of terms with some animations

CalTech --
snowflake movies and other activities (they grew their own!)

NOVA -- Lightning
video of lightning in action

University of Wyoming-- Sand Bar Migration
time elapse video
Sediment Migration Movies

Central Michigan University
Resources for Earth Sciences and Geography Instruction

IRIS -- Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology

Sites for Earth Science -- links by category

Canadian Museum of Nature
Voices: A Canadian Perspective on Water

Microclimes in Fogtown

2011-- Year of the Flood

American Museum of Natural History
Weather and Climate Events
interactive graphic
Ozone's Slow Recovery
interactive graphic


National Human Genome Research Institute
Talking Glossary of Genetics Terms
has images for public use, audio explanation, video
in English (also in Spanish -- see pulldown under Education)
also has an app

Waterlife: Where the River Meets the Sea
(interactive game)

Canadian Museum of Nature
Gallery Interactives

Concord Consortium
Predator and Prey - -Interactive game

NeoK12 Kids Science Network
videos on Human Evolution

Nature PBS


3M Science of Everyday Life --
Teachers > Videos & Interactives > Grades 6-8

Series and Parallel Circuits | Interactive

Illustrates how simple circuits work and describes the types of circuits: series and parallel

Wolfram Demostrations Project

Concord Consortium
Energy2D--Interactive Heat Transfer


Next Generation Science Standards

The Concord Consortium
variety of activities
Molecular Workbench

BrainPop Science

PBS -- NOVA scienceNOW
Teachers Domain Resources
(mostly video clips)

NSF -- "Now Showing"
listing of museum exhibits, TV shows, and more
NSF -- Multimedia Gallery
embeddable video, podcasts, more

USGS Education Resources
K-12 videos, animations, satellite images, explanations, National Atlas of U.S and maps., social media including Twitter feeds & podcasts

NPR -- Science Friday (radio)

Discovery Channel
"space, technology, engineering, earth science"
has science news feed, videos, games

3M Science of Everyday Life --

StarTalk Radio with Neil deGrasse Tyson
"first commercial talk radio show devoted to all things space"

National Science Teachers Association
Lab Out Loud podcast

Siemens STEM Academy Teacher Resources

PhET -- University of Colorado, Boulder


Museum of Science Boston
Student Resources page
(podcasts, videocasts, virtual exhibits)

National Science Foundation (NSF)
Multimedia Gallery

Game for Science
(virtual world game)

Science Links
Student Activities
(will need to do a filtered search for "Science" and grade level)

Science Daily
articles and videos
has ads!!

Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network
National community of researchers and informal science educators dedicated to fostering public awareness, engagement, and understanding of nanoscale science, engineering, and technology. Has their own app.


Apple Education
(go to iTunes Store > Apps Store > Education > iPad > Life Science or Physics or Astronomy and Earth Science )
(or go to iTunes Store > Apps > search for "science")

Android 4 Schools

Education Apps Review (iOS reviews)

Apple Distinguished Educators (ADEs) (iOS reviews)

RSS Feeds/Podcasts

Tumblr -- Science microblogs

NOAA -- National Ocean Service
NOS News
  • Responding to Severe Weather Events Jun 18, 2018
    The National Ocean Service (NOS) brings a wealth of coastal science, management, and operational expertise to aid communities impacted by severe weather events. We are on the front lines to help America understand, predict, and respond to the ...

Popular Science

Popular Science
  • The only sunburn remedies that actually work Today 6:30 am
    DIY Help your skin heal with these tips from a dermatologist. The market offers tons of sunburn treatments—and equally as many old wives’ remedies claim that they provide superior relief. Here's the scientific answer.


Interview with Prof. Tina Groetzer on patterns and science iqnuiry

Causal Patterns in Science
Assessing Understanding

RECAST activities
(see PDF on Understanding the Nature of Science and Modeling)

Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Videos to Enhance Understanding and Teaching of K-12 Learning Goals
"Knowing v. Understanding" video

Janice Koch
//Science Stories: A Science Methods Book for Elementary and Middle School Teachers 5th Ed(2013)// ,

Possible Worlds Project,
scientific thinking in handheld game
"Ruby Realms" game in development
see 1st Playable Productions